Olalu Adeleye sent in a little testimonial of why he continues to come back week after week. One of my oldest most loyal clients Olalu is dedicated to staying forever fresh.!

Olalu testimonial best barber in victoria
Maurice began cutting my hair in March of 2015 when store owner Troy was backed up. I had been going to Troy before he even opened Status. But today he gave Mo his stamp of approval.
Since that first cut my relationship and hair style with Mo has evolved greatly. Mo is always interested in establishing where my head is at the time of the cut but also speaks with me about if I would be happy with a decision to say ‘cut it all off’.
I am always greeted with a jovial “Governor! What’s going on?” From there our conversations range on any and every topic; politics, fashion, faith, sports and hair. It even gets as deep as speaking about how styles and trends fit certain hair types and how the occipital lobe dictates where to begin a fade.
Since that first cut my hair style has evolved to the point of introducing a part with flair. It also allows for an otherwise basic fade off of my waves to now be a two tone one. It was Mo who convinced me to grow my beard and we are always discussing new ways to create the best look for me.
The love and passion for hair is second to none and his attention to detail is impeccable. He has grown immensely and includes every tool in his arsenal – including his straight razor game and the diversity of his clientele and cuts.
It’s always a pleasure, I’m there Wednesday’s at 1pm in the first seat in the house. So much so that my cuts with him have become a weekly affair. I have also had the pleasure of bringing in other family to experience his precision and detail and will continue to do so as my own family expands.
“When I see a head I see s canvas in reverse. My job is to erase the black (hair) and create.” An artist in every sense of the word. I’m excited to see where it can take you (Pro 18:16). This is only the beginning!!!
Olalu testimonial best barber in victoria