Mocutz on iPhone in hand

Brand new!

I had my entire website updated this week. Ive listened to everyones input and we’ve got a brand new look to it. I’ve removed 1 step from the booking process, cleaned up some of the pages and constructed the site to load faster! Its been a great year so far in 2016 and Ive been enjoying having my business take off online.



Mocutz on iPhone in hand

You can book a haircut on my website from load to finish in under 45 seconds. (If you type like a wizard) Faster booking wasn’t happening anytime soon when I took appointments via cell phone. My inbox was constantly full of texts: “yo man an i get a cut at 2 tomorrow?” The missed calls while i was busy cutting hair stacked up so much I just couldn’t keep track anymore. In order to keep my clients happy, and me from going crazy, I decided it was time to get my business online. Everything is now in one spot. With the potential to cut upwards of 20+ cuts per day this has been the best way to keep track of everyone and to make sure everybody gets a fair chance without having to wait in line for hours.



mocutz desktop background screenshot

If my main purpose is to cut hair off your head and clean up your look why not do it to my website as well. Ive made the desktop version super easy to navigate from the top menu and kept the booking form on the front page. I have taken out some stuff, added some stuff, styled it differently, but most of all cleaned up the home page. For returning clients if all you need is to book an appointment you can find it on the home page with hardly scrolling at all.



When clients book a cut on my website it will ask you a few things: Phone number, Name, Email Address and Address. please take the time to fill in these fields correctly, its EASY. This information helps me remind you of your appointment and keep info on your past cuts. You should be getting an email 12 hours before your cut to remind you. Some of you book days, weeks and even months in advance. I love your loyalty and forward planning, but I also want to make sure that when life gets busy a simple auto reminder email can keep you looking fresh!

It also allows me to keep your cell number attached to your name on my back end and gives me the details about your cuts in the past. The truth is I can’t remember thousands of haircuts and cell numbers. Im pretty good with names, but having all this data in one spot helps me plan my days and weeks and dominate when the time comes.


I promise my clients one thing, you won’t be harassed, you also won’t be stalked, and most of all I am not gonna sell your data to a call centre in Pakistan trying to scam your visa’s at Christmas time. Your details are safe and secure with me, for my eyes only, and will only be used for direct contact about your appointments with me.



A huge thank you to everyone who has visited, booked, and given me feedback on my site. I am constantly on a pursuit of excellence and every bit of feedback counts. I appreciate everyone of my clients and wouldn’t trade you for the world. 2016 was started with a vision, we are officially half way done the year already and I am looking forward to the last half has to offer.