Mens hair shampoo rules

Mens hair shampoo tips

Mens hair shampoo rules
For shorter hair less is more.

How often, how much, what kind?

Mens hair shampoo And how to maintain a healthy, good looking head of hair.

A topic not always talked about. Men usually follow the same routine since childhood. Shampoo a couple times a week, when things get ratty use some conditioner. A proper mens hair routine can leave your style looking fresh, taken care of, and protect your hair from damage. Here are some tips for how to take care of a mens hair style and keep it looking fresh.

How often

Short sides and short hair require less mens shampoo
Theres no need to overdue shampoo if you don’t have a lot of hair

How often you shampoo your hair is directly related to the weather, time of year, and your usual daily routine. Lets talk about the science behind what to do, why, and when. Sweating directly effects your hairs appearance. Temperature directly effects the moisture level, and the time of year can effect humidity levels throughout the day. Sweat pores in our scalp are designed to sweat out oils and toxins which immediately attach to our hair- SCIENCE. During summer months, wash your hair more often. During winter months in our west coast climate wash less! the reality is summer might require a few times, where winter really doesn’t need much more than twice.

How much

mens shampoo rules for how much shampoo

For every man how much you wash your hair can have a different answer. Men with a full head of hair and long thick hair can have a different schedule than thin, short hair. Typically longer hair results in a more oily head of hair after not washing for a few days. This is our bodies natural defence mode producing oils for our UV, humidity, and temperature based climate. If you have a shorter hair style washing less will be more appropriate. Some men with short hair have ideal results (1inch or less) with only shampooing once a week. Longer hair styles might be more inclined to wash 2-3 times a week.

Too much shampoo can lead to our glands purposely producing extra oils and natural defence mechanisms. The truth is, you should probably shampoo less than you think. Most men only shampoo a couple times a week. It is definitely not an every day or twice a day requirement to a healthy, beautiful hair style! In fact if you have been shampooing your hair every day, and sometimes twice, chances are you are hurting your scalp.


Short hair and shampoo rules for men
Golden Rule: Rinse hair daily, shampoo 1-2 times a week for short hair.

Every single day with hot shower water. Enough said. Oils are not the only thing we need to remove from our hair. Dirt, Dust, dead skin cells and bacteria can build up if we are not rinsing it every day. Scrub your hair as you would with a good mens hair shampoo, but just with warm water, every day. this helps keep your hair clean and healthy in between shampoo treatments.


Sulfaete free

sodium lauryl ether sulfate

Choose a shampoo that is sulphate free. Sulphate plays a significant role in weakening the hair strands. Designed to strip the hair of damaging oils it can actually do worse damage when used over prolonged periods of time, especially if used too often. Many shampoo brands have caught on to this trend and recent health discovery. Choose wisely and your hair will thank you!

If you want to dive more into the science of hair care and what makes our human hair so intricate check out the wikipedia article HERE.