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Beard care is a MUST

Beard care hey… Ever heard of sexy bed head? Well it doesn’t work for beards. You need to take care of your beard if you want it to last, stay healthy, and looking manly. Weather, sun, soap, shampoo… They can all play a part on the daily damage of your facial hair.

atta beard fade

If you want a flawless beard like Atta here, read on…

First things first, Clean it

You might have seen your pops cleaning his beard with soap, and you might have even seen your grandad cleaning his with motor oil.. Cleaning your beard with the harshest manliest cleaning agents is NOT always best. Like your beautiful head of hair, your beard is full of oils and nutrients that keep it healthy, shiny and colourful. Soap can quickly strip your hair of all these protective agents and before you know it your beard will be left looking damaged and half dead. Much like a superior hair shampoo you ultimately want to use a cleanser that is free of sulphates and will gently clean you hair.

Who doesn’t like food?

Beard care tips by Victorias best barber

Alright well heres the problem. You eat 3 times a day, breathe 35,000 times a day, open and close your mouth to talk all day long, an its RIGHT beside your beard. Germs, germs bacteria and more germs. Beard should be cleaned every day in the shower if you want your hair staying healthy. A beard is prone to collecting germs, bacteria, sweat secretions, and food crumbs and all sorts of cling-ons that are not pretty. An awesome secret to keeping things down like acne and damaged facial hair is cleaning it before you go to bed. A few minutes cleaning your beard before you go to bed, will be showing results in just a few days time.

Bring sexy back, but keep it sexy

Beard oil recommended by victoria barber

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If you are going to clean your beard, before you go to bed to keep it from getting damaged, then you also need to protect it for the day once you wake up. There are numerous beard oils on the market that will do the trick for beard care. The appearance of a beard that uses beard oil is most definitely noticeable. Everyone has a different thickness of hair so be sure to choose a beard oil that suits your facial hair. Healthy oils often keep your hair looking healthy, well protected and looking wonderful. Tea Tree oil, Grapeseed oil, and olive oil surprisingly are great ingredients in helping protect your beard. Going to your mom’s kitchen and having an olive oil bath however probably won’t do to much for you. Check out the bearded bastards online store, they provide an entire line of beard oils and have really fast shipping options!

Coconut everything

Coconut beard oil


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For those who like a natural approach to beard care, coconut oil is the secret key to save your face. Coconut oil can be used for a multitude of things, however it is extremely protective while worn on your beard. Start with a very small amount on your hands, rub between your palms as it will melt. Spread evenly through your beard and enjoy the shine, and conditioning it provides.