beard profile from front

The Fade First:

Followed by the perfect beard.

Beard and fade on atta

As you may know the fade is one of the most popular hairstyle requests of 2016. Therefore, It ads character to styles and designs on many types of hair. Atta, pictured above, has naturally curly hair, a great compliment to a fade done right. Considering the natural side-profile of his head and facial hair a medium height fade is pictured above.


Atta Hair model 3

When making a full beard flow naturally with a medium fade it looks best to actually fade the facial hair as well. This is done with a straight razor, and buzzing it into a fade. Essentially I use the ear line as a reference point and go both directions with a fade from the skin length. The beard from the front doesn’t stick out past the neckline Therefore, It stays in line with the neck, trimmed well to match the fade, and is kept an even length.


beard and fade, the deadly duo

Debating whether to keep your beard when you come in for a new haircut? Are you wondering if you will still look fresh and clean with a big beard when getting a fade? The truth is a beard can compliment a fade very well if trimmed and groomed regularly. The important part is making sure that your beard length on the sides matches your hairstyle.


atta beard fade

Quite possibly the best thing a barber can do is match your hair with a hairstyle that naturally looks flawless every day. Styled or not Atta’s hair naturally is curly and matches his beard perfectly. There is much more to consider when deciding on the perfect hairstyle for yourself. Jaw line, Forehead shape, cheeks, hair quality, curls, colour, it is all important when choosing a style that best fits for you.


I am trained to cut hair, I am focused on being the best in the game, and dedicated to pleasing my loyal clients. There is a lot more that goes into the perfect haircut than just giving you what you have seen on Instagram this week or last. When you ask for a certain style be prepared to answer a few questions that will complete the perfect haircut. How do you want your sides, top length, neck line, and facial hair; it all plays a major role in delivering the perfect cut.