Jayme in the studio after cut at MoCutz

What makes the best barber in the city? Loyalty and quality are two things that come together when you pair long time clients with Mo’s dedication to quality. You can walk into other shops in the city, get different services that might stand out, but mark my words, you will never find someone as dedicated to quality with such loyal customers. Every day clients come in from all over the south Vancouver Island region to Status Barber Shop. What also makes a model client the best in the city? 3 years of unparalleled loyalty.

Jayme Jackson side profile3 years ago Jayme jackson walked through the doors at Status and still comes back for routine cuts, trims, and fades. When I first met Jayme I was still a rookie, I had recently started working full time at Status. I was the new kid on the block full of ambition and drive, ready to pave my future it’s flawless quality cuts. I wasn’t flawless from day 1 but one of my biggest goals from that day has been excellence, I strive for nothing less. Clients that give me the opportunity to constantly improve are my favorite, and I’m proud to cut this guys hair every single time. His loyalty is appreciated a lot and delivering my best quality work will always be a priority.

Thursday this week Jayme came by to freshen up his hair. We faded up his sides, lined up, textured the top a bit and had him Zoolander-fresh. I Couldn’t let him leave before taking some pictures. His hair has great texture, color and length for this style, short-high-faded sides and long and chaotic on top with a classic wavey-roll!

imageThe loyalty in a long time returning customer isn’t always what makes me successful as a barber. Focusing on doing my job the best I can, constantly striving to be the best and delivering a perfect final product is my passion. When clients like Jayme have received 3 years of quality it shows when they come back, this is what makes my grind worth it! Jayme works for BC ferries and is on a pretty routine schedule with work, it has allow us the opportunity to develop a regular schedule for his hair.
Born and raised in Victoria, BC he has lived here his whole life. Since his first haircut I bump into him around town some times, it reminds me that quality service in a city like Victoria gets noticed. Our collective goal together is to always keep his hair flawless and straight out of a magazine. He is regularily scheduled to come in and see me every 3 weeks. My clients that come see me for appointments on a routine basis allow me to refine my talents and work harder every time to develop their favorite look. I am truly thankful for jayme and all of my loyal customers that allow me to deliver quality work. Big shout out to Jayme for always letting me be his #1 barber. I’m already lookin forward to the next cut!

Jayme back profile