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Monday I threw down my favourite version of art on Jamal Nasim, and finished it off with a tapered razor-part. Co-founder of 6 Crowns Clothing, A Victoria BC resident and a day one loyal I’ve seen this guy grow and excel over the years. His entrepeneurial mindset is always expanding and it’s inspiring when he comes in to get his hair faded up. Just over a year ago him and one of his friends launched 6 Crowns Clothing Co. The lineup is clean, the vision is strong and the vibes are real. It resonates with me and my journey to success. Cant help but feature this guy in my weekly spotlight. If the world had more determined, inspired young souls like Jamal wed be a hell of a lot better off- and better dressed.

The vision from day 1:

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Live like royalty, and inspire perfection. These days there’s a generation of millennials reaching, striving, and chasing after the better things in life. Some wake up from their sleep and chase their dreams- where others remain dreaming. The truth is 6 Crowns embodies this message, simply wake up and smell the roses. Live like royalty and let the past be the past. Better days are ahead and your dreams can become reality starting with an elevated mindset.

Living like royalty isn’t always wasteful: it isn’t frivolous, it isn’t Ferraris and extravagant nights downtown. It’s inspiration, it’s a vision, and a collective effort to the younger generation. No matter who you are, where you came from, or what you have- you can still live like royalty. The mindset of happiness, the hunger for more, the dedication to better days, the decision to always remain on top.

Climbing mountain tops aint easy.

On the road to success and royalty there are struggles; there’s setbacks and sidelines. In order to wear a crown though, you gotta put in the work, you gotta struggle like everyone else. The difference between royalty and the rest is those who wear the crowns never give up. No matter what crown you want to wear in life, no matter what you want to be the best at start with a plan and stay dedicated. These days we have so much negativity in our world, TV, the news, social media, people constantly wanting what they don’t have. Negativity can stray you from your goals it can sideline you and discourage you. Keep your eyes on the crown and don’t give up. Sometimes royalty takes a complete transformation of the mind. Living with royalty starts in you. Put your crown on and elevate your life today!

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