Mo focusing on his quality with model anton getting a flat top fade

Fade Phenom 2 | The beginning of the future


FullSizeRender 2 Fade Phenom 2 went down in Vancouver February 7th. It was the second year for the contest and we lined up some of the best talent in western Canada for bragging rights, trophies, and-you guessed it, these dope photos. I had the pleasure of Anton sitting in my chair for one of my sessions. Headphones in, eyes locked in, seriously I couldn’t get anymore focused. I am truly blessed, and when my passion and artistic freestyle takes flight products like this are the result!

Driven by success.

Every day I fall more and more in love with this barber game. to me its a passion, its a lifestyle, its a constant drive to do better. When I started back in 2013 I was cutting football players hair, family and friends out of houses, locker-rooms, anywhere my friends and loyals asked me to. Truth is I kind of got bugged and pestered into doing it full time. I never knew I would end up being a barber when I was a kid. Who knew id be turning 30 years old and cutting hair full time in Victoria BC when I was growing up.

The beginning of the future.

The truth is my story is just beginning, 30 is the new 20 and my future is only begun. (yeah I turned 30 as I’m writing this) but damn, looks good right! haha My eyes are opening to the big picture. The future, whats attainable, whats possible, whats just around the next corner is slowing becoming more conscious to me. I’m done dreaming, I’m at a stage in life where dreams are becoming reality, passions are becoming vessels in which I can bless others. Nothing great was ever attained by sitting back and watching the world go by. My artistic passions are truly a blessing from God, I compete not just with others in the barber game, but constantly myself. I strive to do better every day. It is my sincere passion that I become the best I can be, and bless everyone who sits in my chair with the finest talent available. Fade Phenom opened my eyes, replenished my hunger for the next step, and like always allowed me to learn many more useful skills I can’t wait to use!

Anton was a blessing to me during the competition. Sitting, waiting for art to collide, while allowing me to focus and think about all these visionary thoughts. In the perfect silence when the music is loud, my clipper vibrating with serenety in my hand, I experienced an epiphany. This truly is just the beginning of the future. My heart, body and soul are young and I am excited for the rest of 2016 and what it has to bring. Look out everyone, big things happening, and its moments like this that give me more momentum!

Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!

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