traditional comb over with body from mocutz

The traditional mens combover hairstyle

All the steps to achieving a combover that looks complete:

traditional combover with body from mocutz

When people hear combover hairstyle they often think church, suit and tie, and elementary school hair that momma licked her finger to fix. In recent years the combover has made an extraordinary come back with many variations. The combover these days includes buzzed sides, and various lengths and texture on top. The natural progression of the hair stays the same, Its often how your hair naturally wants to sit as a man. In todays world there is many different ingredients that make up the traditional mens combover.


traditional combover cut by maurice

Typically the combover is done with hair of all different lengths. I start with the ears. Everyones head shape plays a part into where you decide to start your side detail. The most important part of the fade in the combover is to let it flow right into the top length. For this model I decided that a low to mid fade was key. Keeping the ears clean and free of any long hair allows the top volume to stay the centre of attention. Right down to the skin at the ears and faded to full length by the top.


traditional combover from mocutz

Not everybody’s parts in their hair stands out strong. For this model his part on the left side blends from the top volume all the way to his ears. Slightly longer where his hair roots naturally change direction helps keep the transition smooth. Both sides of the head are cut slightly different for the combover.  This models hair has great volume on top which also helps this situation. A part doesn’t have to be slicked with gel, parted with a razor and stand out. A part that is subtle and blended well ads to the effect.


swirl detail on combover

Everyones hair does different things on the back of their head, this is the most common issue barbers must master. A swirl of hair roots often presents a challenge, but flawless when cut right. My model here has just that, a wonderful swirl of hair roots that presented me with a option to deliver a great cut. I pride myself on cutting “swirls” with great detail. It consists of many different lengths scissor cut and textured. If you have stubborn hair at the back of your head and you just can’t get to lay down while styling your hair, chances are its just not the right length. Let me fix your cow-lick or swirl so it will look always look model-quality.


Keeping the neck line in great shape with short hair is important. Some styles require a hard neck line some require a fade, and some kept medium length. These are all points to discuss with you and most importantly, before the haircut begins.


A great neckline needs a good fade for this hairstyle. Over the ears in this cut I brought his hairline down to skin length with a straight razor, buzzed his fade up to a mid-to-high fade where I began the swirl detail. This helps your hair look natural and smooth with your head shape. This neck-fade is greatly complimented by your head shape.

Your input, my talents, and together with time we will collide art with the barber industry. I promise to do my best every single cut