best fade barber in victoria for mens hairstyle

The Best fade barber in Victoria.

Come to the best barber in Victoria and you’ll get the best fade in town. Whether your getting freshened up for a date or ready to crush a interview first impressions are everything. I will not let you down, regardless of your style the best fades in Victoria come from my barber chair. I am confident, focused, determined and driven to deliver the best cut every single time. 2016 has been a year for me to elevate my game to the next level. I have been competing n competitions to showcase my talents and learn from the best in the industry. I aim to deliver a constantly evolving product that follows the trends and keeps my clients perfectly satisfied.


Barber Clients of 8 years don’t lie.


Sean has been coming to me since 2008 when I cut hair in kitchens and now work out of the chair at Status Barbershop. As the trends evolve I continue to pay close attention to what my most loyal customers want each time. These days its easy to go into a barber and say “I’m not picky, make me look good” but my artistic rendition of what looks flawless but be a few more or less hairs than you envisioned. Sean has always relayed exactly what he wants to me and allowed me to focus on my passion for art and hair. I strive for perfection everytime and I just had to show you guys his routine cut. High fade with a slight undercut, product styled straight back.

Sean high fade by mocutz the barberSean high fade by mocutz barberSean high fade best barber in town

The most popular men’s hairstyle trend of 2016

Today the fade is one of the most popular haircuts desired by men in the modern world. If executed well, it will result in a clean. evenly-blended, smooth looking haircut. A perfect fade doesn’t just start with skill, it is complimented and delivered with attention to detail. The shape of my clients heads can attribute to weather a fade comes out looking perfect or done with a set of garden shears. Everyone has small things they want done differently, although I am proud to boast some of the most dedicated efforts in the industry I am always open to input and if there is something you don’t like SPEAK UP, lets make greatness!

Different types of hair fades for men

Did you know there are multiple different effects and ways to execute the best fade haircut? Its not as simple as just: “Id just like a good fade haircut, and I’ll be on my way.” Skin fade, Taper fade, Low fad, High fade, razored art… Every fade I complete is flawless but I assure you, no two peoples fades are the same! I can deliver a subtle fade that is ideal for the office. or a drastically textured fade with a 3d hair tattoo that will definitely get you noticed at the club. If you are not too familiar with the terminology and common looks that guys are rocking these days don’t be afraid to ask. I have cut thousands of clients over the years and have hundreds of photos for you to look through! As you can see here versus the “high fade” above a little variation can make a huge difference in presentation. I razor cut a part-line in Chris Thompson’s hair and it leaves a subtle design.

This is also known as a “skin fade”

chris branch best skin fadechris branch best skin fade with razor partChris Branch best skin fade mens hairstyle


First impression haircuts by a barber who cares

How can you possibly show someone who you are at a glance? What if you only had one moment to show someone who you are? What if you wanted your image to portray your attitude, charisma and work ethic. That, is why hair was given unto men. Men’s hairstyles are like billboards for our heads. It all starts with the perfect haircut. One look, and someone will know what you’re all about. My passion is your reward, I have been dedicated to the game for nearly 9 years and my dream is to become the best on the planet within the industry.