Over 50,000 Haircuts have led me to stand behind every product I sell 100%. Please browse my online store of what I recommend as the industries best products available. 


A team of chemical scientists and master barbers, who work hand-in-hand to build utilitarian products in response to genuine needs expressed by barbers, staff and respective clients. locals to the Pacific Northwest, who feel obliged both in keeping the modern man well groomed and earth well kept. Whenever possible they use natural ingredients, partner with suppliers employing sustainable practices, and keep production processes environmentally friendly.

Forever Fresh Co.

Purveyors of manly traditions & and a team dedicated to resurrecting long lost traditions of a luxurious manly shave. Forever Fresh Co. was founded on a kitchen floor with a scroll saw bought off Craigslist for 30$. A hand made razor was formed and roughly assembled to develop a dream. The company has exponentially grown since early 2017 when it first offered products for sale. It has since sold hand made razors and products in over 70 countries, plays a roll in over 1,000,000 shaves annually and continues to innovate and rival the industries leading brands.


Starting at 2.99 Save on shipping rates and receive the cheapest possible rates due to my partnership with Forever Fresh Co.'s logistics team. We ship all products out of our our own stock room. No drop shipping here, genuine packaging, shipping & care by me and my team.