man shaving his face with a sharp axe

STRAIGHT RAZORS- THE BEST STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE IN VICTORIA BCthe best shave in Victoria with a straight razor

The best shave is a Straight razor shave, and they are one of the most sought after services at MoCutz. Book your appointment today and feel the difference!


No, Coming to Atmosphair to get a straight razor shave won’t get you trimmed by a lumberjack with an axe. Instead you are guaranteed to get the closest, smoothest, and best shave in the city. You can book a straight razor shave directly on this site, but in the meantime, here are some tips to achieving the best shave you can get at home by yourself.

the best shave with an axe

The trick to having a Gillette quality shave, that truly is the best a man can get comes in the preparation. If you take an axe to your face straight after running 40 miles being chased by a bear auditioning for the Revenant, you are going to have cuts and scratches all over it. Moisturizing your face first is a must. Showering or using a hot towel is an ideal way first, it will leave your skin moisturized, soft and flexible. This reduces redness, abrasions and harsh cuts.



Try to use a pre-shave solution that doesn’t use any toxic ingredients like sulfates or dimethicones. They aren’t exactly healthy for you and will cause your skin to break out, and infect your skin. Most shampoos boast these ingredients removed, so if you have a shampoo that doesn’t have these damaging ingredients use it during your shower.



the best straight razor shave oil

A great Solution to traditional shaving creams can be found at The Bearded Bastard and in the sample size. This bottle is the perfect size to try-before-you-buy a large bottle. It;s also small enough to take on planes in your travel kit. If you are tired of cutting yourself from not being able to see your skin while shaving then give it a try! It is all natural, the smell is clean earthy and with a refreshing kick to wake you up in the morning. Spread evenly like a Tea Tree oil and then continue to shave with a sharp, razor.

Superior ingredients to look for include: Castor, Grape Seed, Safflower, Olive, Argan, Jojoba, Rosehip, Perilla, Meadowfoam, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin E, Glycerin, & Neem Oil. Scented with Calendula, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Vanilla, Coffee, Amber, Rosewood, Citrus, & Tobacco Essential Oils. These are all found in the beard oil listed above that you can get from The Beared Bastard.


Every jumped in a cold lake, or ocean? Everything shrinks. After a hot shower your skin pores are open and your skin is flexible to allow for a close shave with minimal irritation. Now that you have treated yourself with a close shave its time to close up your pores and shock your skin into staying smooth. Splash some cold water on your face. This will seal your skin and prevent bacteria from getting in and infecting your freshly shaved face.