ben2When everyone around us is connected by this seemingly instant cloud we get so wrapped up in our phones. We feel powerful and almost superhero like being able to order things online, call people, text people and all instantly at the touch of our fingertips.

Our social relationships are replaced with what we have uploaded to this never ending cloud. When it comes to genuine human interaction North America has never seen worse times. However, there is one small place left. A small corner of the world holding on for dear life, desperately holding on the edge of the cliff of face to face conversation and connection. This edge? Slipping away more and more each day to the abyss of the INTERNET. This place, the last frontier before artificial intelligence completely takes over. The last hideout for childhood rebels, visionaries, and revolutionaries who still enjoy having conversations face to face with no internet platforms between them, is known only to those that dare enter and sit in a chair at.




Head down, walking in like nothing else matters.

ben3Those of you who know my manners would attest to the fact that anyone who walks through the front doors of the shop will usually be greeted by more than a few warm greetings from our staff. Being stationed closest to the door it is my habbit to treat our shop’s clients with respect, a smile, and to quickly find out who they are coming in to see. I am thankful every day for my clients who walk through the doors. However, how can I say anything to you without interrupting your train of thought if your head is down- waiting to get run over by a train. If you are new and I don’t recognize you, how can I ask you if you have an appointment or not? How can I tell you to buy me chocolate if you’re wrapped up in your phone. The answer is, I can’t. So drop the phone before you open the door and enjoy the experience STATUS has to offer. Whats even worse than this is being on your phone while you wait. There’s more to just sitting and scrolling through Instagram, tinder, Facebook, and myspace (we get it your probably faking half the stuff you do on your phone because you forgot how to interact properly.) Don’t be afraid to chat with all of us, after all I want to get to know you, even if I’m involved in a cut while you’re waiting conversations can involve more than 2 people! Surprise, Surprise!

Being on your phone while in the chair. 

ben4We won’t kick you out for it. but you might end up with a bad patch on the back of your head.  For the very few of you that need your phone physically attached permanently to your hand due to work commitments I get it, you are off the hook. But for everyone else, chances are the best way for me to deliver my best work is to put your phone away, and keep it away. It sound stupid, but it does get in the way. If I have a razor in my hand and I’m trying to act with precision, dedication and detail chances are i don’t want to be distracted by the latest Nicki Minaj music video. Nor do I need you laughing and moving my canvas while you watch something on your phone. Your posture during an appointment with me truly does influence the outcome of my skills as a barber. If you stay sitting straight up, without your phone in hand. and keep a firm position i will deliver fine-art every single time. My skills don’t work well on bobble head dolls that are laughing and moving around the entire time.

The future of the barber industry.

benCell phones are chainging the way we interact, the way we do business and the way we show appreciation for one another. Cell phones have also changed the way we fill up our schedule and book appointments of things to do. I have made my website optimized for you guys in a way that you can clearly, and quickly book an appointment with me. I have seen the future of the industry approaching and it is no longer acceptable to be booking appointments over the phone. People wanted a easier system. one they can do 24/7/3am at the bar, or first thing Sunday morning. Making an appointment and having a confirmation of your appointment has never been easier. It is the best way to ensure you get the absolute next available slot as well as see haircuts I have spotlighted on my website in clear, crisp images. Thank you to each and every one of you that have booked online in the past 30 days with my new website platform. it has been a great success, serving over 250 clients in the first month. Numerous shares on social media of my recent cut blog posts and very important data for the future moving onward. I made the decision to connect with my clients better outside the barber shop, on their phones, their computer and social media, however when your in my chair, me and my fellow staff at STATUS love to get to know you better on a personal level. Leave your phone in your pocket and you will realize why I truly provide my clients with the best service.

I would not be a barber without each and every one of you that has given me the opportunity to get better and better every day. Thank you for keeping me in the game. my head down, focused and blessed. Thanks to Ben pictured in this article who constantly respects the game and allows me to connect with him every time he comes in for a cut.