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On location & destination weddings

I have had the opportunity to travel the world with my craft and would love the opportunity to discuss your needs if you are interested in my services abroad. Full service packages available for the entire wedding party are available, as well of straight razor shaves the morning of your wedding or event. My talents have often taken me to the United States and as far as Ethiopia in the past.

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The Classic Barber Fade

If you are looking for a classic-up to date modern haircut style that works well in most settings, professional or casual, the fade haircut is your best bet in 2016. It shows a men's masculine, clean side that is perfect for a professional or active setting. Many of the most popular hairstyles begin with a fade. Longer styles on top can vary, as well as the height of the fade. A fade is a perfect hairstyle that keeps your hair short over the ears, and easy to style on top.

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Designs and Lineups

Etched with a razor a fresh lineup can complete your style and give your mens haircut a powerful edge. Some styles do not always require texture, style and length. A lineup can be a a perfect last minute touchup that will keep your edges clean and free of split ends or loose hairs.

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Kids Cuts

Kids always leave Maurice's barber chair smiling and happy excited to come back. Service that not just caters to the mens hairstyle market but also the kids that want the best, the back to school chaos, and giving the hockey hair a trim without cutting it all off.

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Beard Trims & Shaping

Any man with a beard knows it takes just as much energy to keep it looking luscious as his hair. Shaping, trimming and grooming are part of my talents and if you are looking to update your hair matching your beard to compliment its style is a must.

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Wedding group services

House calls and organized groups. Wedding parties needing a barber that will travel to your location and cut the entire wedding party morning of. Available on an advanced booking basis- Book services for groups up to 10 at your location, house calls and destination weddings. Services include hot shaves, lineups, fades, texture, beards and styling. If your entire wedding party needs a world class barber, remove the stress of last minute bookings the week before. Special rates and durations apply, please contact me for further details.

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Straight Razor Barber Shave

A timeless tradition in the makings of a true gentlemen. A straight razor is the closes shave a man can experience. I own and utilize my own brand of straight razors which I have perfect to an art form. It would be my pleasure to discuss with you the options of a straight razor shave and walk you through the various techniques I have spent thousands of hours perfecting. Whether you are looking to purchase a straight razor or get a cutthroat shave for the first time I would be happy to experience it with you.