What is Forever Fresh Co. Who started it all?

My name is Maurice St. Rose & I founded Forever Fresh Co. With a dream, but most importantly a goal. “To transform the barbering community with products that change the way barbers do business.” The dream is to share a piece of my passion with everyone around the world- whether a barber or not. The Men’s grooming products I have designed, developed and sold for nearly 5 months now are just the beginning of my vision for the barber community. I invision a world where mens grooming is a fine art and not just something only explored in the daily lives of celebrity barbers. In 5 months my second company has expanded to offering over 12 products and growing fast.

The products Forever Fresh Co. sells have expanded to an exotic lineup of straight razors and hand made combs that feature 1 of a kind exotic woods and shapes.

Building a business, making the products yourself & time managment

When you start a business and sell your own hand-made products there is a special bond that forms with you and your customers. It is more than a business transaction, Its a personal way that I share my hard work and passion with everyone that wants to be apart of my vision. When I do share that piece of art with a new customer, I intend that everyone notices the precision and attention to detail that goes into every product. Since my failures in the early stages of Forever Fresh I have found ways to overcome certain things that come in the way of me reaching my dreams. Mondays I now take off work/barbering to solely focus on the expansion and development of Forever Fresh Co. On weekends I typically work Saturdays, but often take entire weekends off to travel competing and showcasing the Forever Fresh Co. product lineup.

Weekends and long weekends are chances to expand my passion within the industry. This picture was from Calgary last month when I won an award for my creative talents in barbering Mondays are no longer dreaded days pf the week, but a chance to let my creative energy and ideas grow.

The challenge to stay unique

Starting my second business was my first challenge of 2017, and the second came when I wanted to expand my product line. Beyond the our first product I started to notice a trend among barbers. People love custom products, and people love 1 of a kind. With so many barbers looking to be unique in the industry I wanted to solidify a way they could do this while still keeping their clients Forever Fresh. 41 days after I sold my first official razor I expanded my product line to our Custom series. 1 of a kind- hand made, custom handle shapes and exotic wood handles. Although these razors and products cost more, they are made with exceptional detail. 1 Razor takes nearly 6 hours of hard work to complete and needless to say it has been a labour of love for the industry.

Forever Fresh Razors have taken 5 months to perfect. 6 of the custom razors shown above are more than a custom product. They are the results of hard work, failure, and a refusal to give up on a search for perfection.

From 0 to 12+ products in under 5 months

The first product I launched was the traditional Forever Fresh Razor that Is typically custom engraved for barbers looking to personalize their tools for every day work. Forever Fresh Co. Is aiming to expand to 40 products by the end of 2017. Reaching 10 sales was a milestone, and reaching 100 was a blessing from God. Forever Fresh Co. Has now sold more than 450 Custom engraved razors to barbers around the world in just under 5 months. Expansion and the second phase of business has now been focused on the custom shapes and exotic wood lineup to meet the industry demand.

Shawn Barbz is a celebrity barber/ Owner of Cold Kutz barbershop and also the Canadian National Champion. He is sponsored by many of the industries top brands and competes in hair competitions regularly .

Local, Canadian made, recycled, a Van Island Original

If you want to build a second business and for it to be sustainable you need to think original and unique. Even once you come up with an original idea you need to ensure you have a few key ingredients for your recipe. Hard fucking work, sweat, sleepless nights, and a passion for success are just a few. Forever Fresh Co. Needed to be original so I came up with a few key ingredients that would set it apart.

Locally sourced wood for the box sets

Wood that lives forever- Ever seen a construction worker or roofer throw materials in the garbage? Well some of those wood shakes get turned into our gift boxes. On a quest for locally sourced, recycled wood we found the most original, unique and ethically sourced material for the gift boxes from local builders and roofers scrap materials. In Victoria there is a plethora of old houses being renovated and their siding upgraded to new and modern materials. Many of these houses in Victoria undergoing renovations include Wooden cedar & Alder shakes. They are the perfect solution and once 1 prototype was made I secured a large amount of wooden shakes from a job site. This not only kept a large amount of wood from being burned or disposed of, but kept the Forever Fresh Co. Dream alive- products that last forever.

The box set has a unique aroma of Cedar or Alder wood and is complete sometimes wth nail holes, markings and other signs of wear. I didn't want to order the cheapest wood, I wanted original, local, recycled wood that would see another life.

Hand glued and assembled

Each box is assembled and made by hand. Working with my hands has been something Ive been doing for nearly 5 years now. Putting together the hand made boxes isn’t exactly glamorous, but I am proud to assemble each and every box my customers receive. Assembly time was my biggest concern when I wanted to start selling box sets, so I designed the boxes in a way that they can be cut out with a jig and assembled fairly fast.

Hand made & assembled boxes being glued together 1 drop at a time. There is no crack that goes unglued and no detail that gets missed. Every single client who orders a Forever Fresh box can be sure My hard work sweat and late nights were spent to ensure my passion can be shared around the globe.

Locally sewn suede bags

It wouldn’t be hard for me to mass order gift bags off eBay, however I decide that on my 1 day a week dedicated to Forever Fresh Co. I, along with some key staff would sew each and every gift bag ourselves, 1 kitchen table and a lot of sewing happens every evening with the majority on Mondays. Quality was at the top of my agenda and there really is no way to ensure this If i mass ordered bags- and invested in another countries industry. I wanted to keep the sweat shop local and the passion at home.

Hand sewn bags, with the hand cut draw strings from locally sourced leather. Each bag is custom sized depending on what product they are carrying.

Hand picked and carved wood razor handles.

The entire process of completing a Forever Fresh custom exotic wood razor takes about 6 hours from start to finish for the razor alone. First the wood is chosen by hand- not every piece of exotic wood is ideal. It needs to have the right character, grain, and feel to it. Optimal weight for your straight razor is important and if the piece of wood isn’t correctly balanced it can ruin the shave. Some of the natural grain in wood can vary so much that I found no other way to ensure quality than to personally inspect each razor before I choose it for a customers order.

Slight anomalies in exotic woods can make extremely attractive details. The lighter portion of this pink Rosewood handle is caused by the center grain in the wood. Mass ordering wood for exotic handles would never get me this level of originality in my straight razors.

Locally sourced Leather

Pat Bay leather Is owned by Vern Theroux. A pioneer in hand made leather products Vern has also headed up charity events that have donated more than a million dollars towards cancer. Vern has been in the Leather industry for over 35 years and is the master of all things leather. Even though leather plays a small part in the Forever Fresh Co. product lineup I wanted to ensure that I was developing our local communities business strength and not just my own. Pat Bay Leather has an assortment of over 500 leather types and colours and Vern hand picks every single one of them. Leather is used in the unique hinges for the box sets as well as the draw strings on our suede razor & comb bags

Although leather is less than 1% of our gift box set- Locally sourced, Top quality, top grain leather as an absolute for the gift boxes.

Sold in over 7 countries so far

Global reach is just the beginning of my vision for the industry. Forever Fresh is more than a second source of income, it is a passion to reach people around the globe with the culture, passion, talent, and vision I have for the industry. I truly look forward to the day when I can say my razors have been shipped to more than 10 countries… Next up 100 & beyond!

Having other barbers use your tools for success is truly a blessing. Sean Fears is a barber in Atlanta Georgia and won one of our razors through a contest on our social media channels. Barbers around the world use Forever Fresh razors as well as men looking to improve their shaving and grooming experience.

My dreams for 2017 and beyond…

If all dreams were written on paper they would be only goals and something for other people to copy & mock. Here’s to the future and expanding the vision that I hold for Forever Fresh Co…

-Maurice St. Rose

Forever Fresh Co.

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